Enhancing Data Quality Management with Salesforce Automations and Validations

Do you want to know the best way to enhance and enforce data quality in your Salesforce org? Make your data consistent. And how do you do that, you ask? RULES.

The key to consistent data is consistent rules, and Validation Rules and Automations are the best place to start enforcing this consistency. The key is knowing when to use each one.

Validation Rules: 

  • Prevent something from happening
  • Requires users to make a decision/entry
  • Follows the guidelines of “Don’t let my user save if…”
  • Users do not see error until Save Attempt


  • Automatically populates or updates fields in consistent scenarios
  • Decision is made for users (adjustment happens automatically)
  • Follows the logic of “If <this> is true, automatically <do this…>”
  • User does not see update until after save

You can also use Validation Rules and Automations in tandem to cover even the most niche scenarios. For example, if you are using automations to populate a user record with potential wine suggestions based on their favorite regions and desired price point, you might want to enforce a validation rule on the price field to ensure that users can only enter values above a certain threshold or below a certain threshold in order to align with your business model. 

Ultimately, the best thing you can do to enhance your data quality and improve your data management is to create consistent rules and consistent automations that cover consistent scenarios. Let us know how we can help you enhance your data quality management, and we would be happy to chat further! 

Just remember…. Consistency is the key!

Written by

Katy August


Applications, Salesforce



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