Maximize Your Marketing Power with Email Studio and Journey Builder

Marketing Cloud is a Salesforce marketing software designed to help you, the marketeer, personalize your customer’s experience through every step of their journey. With its tools ranging from Email Studio, Automation Studio, and Journey Builder to Cloud Pages, Social Studio and various Advertising apps, Marketing Cloud has you covered. While each of these tools offers enough depth to have their own blog post, we will be focusing on Email Studio and Journey Builder.

By combining the power of Email Studio and Journey Builder to get all your data into one place, managing the ever-changing needs and contents of your business just got easier.

Email Studio is where the magic starts. With Email Studio you can either utilize one of the many out of the box templated emails, or you can create your own content from scratch, all while maintaining consistent company branding throughout. 

Once your content is created, you can either send a one-off email to a specific customer or employee, or send an email to a whole group of individuals straight from Salesforce or an uploaded CSV. Need to send the same weekly email with just minor (or major) content edits? Email Studio also makes it easy to clone an existing email. This allows you to save time by maintaining formatting and branding, and just providing the necessary edits for your new content. Once your content is composed, you’re moments away from sending off your desired communication, thereby increasing your productivity and communication all in one.

Ready to take your emails to the next level, schedule sending, and/or create criteria based on any of your external or internal data to let Marketing Cloud choose who should receive what communication and when? Welcome to Journey Builder. 

Journey Builder is one of the largest hidden gems of the Salesforce ecosystem, built right into Marketing Cloud. Here is where you can select those brilliant communications you created earlier, and let Journey Builder do the rest. With its easy to use drag-and-drop functionality, you can ensure your emails always go to the right audience by filtering data and selecting the most relevant criteria to segment on. Additionally, you can create new leads, convert leads, and update existing data in Salesforce all in the same place.

Moreover, with Journey Builder’s built in email analytics, you can see exactly who clicked what and how many times, who unsubscribed from your marketing measures, and view other top level metrics like bounces, unique clicks, unique opens, and send rate. But do you want to know the best part? Now you have actionable insights to help you better understand your customers and make data-driven decisions that will increase the impact of each of your marketing efforts.

Looking for more? Seamlessly navigate to the detailed tracking reports in email studio with two clicks where you will find over 30 built-in reports specific to administrators, subscribers, emails, and other useful tracking data. Or create your own custom report. The cloud is at your fingertips!

In conclusion, by combining the power of Marketing Cloud’s built in assets like Email Studio and Journey Builder with your customer’s marketing, sales, and service data, you can feel confident that your customer’s unique needs and expectations will be met while saving your business time and resources along the way.

Ready to learn more about Marketing Cloud? Contact Revelation.Ai for more information on how we can help you implement this solution today!

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Katy August


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