The Trust Gap: What it is and What Salesforce is Doing to Bridge it

Inspired by Marc Benioff’s Keynote at Dreamforce (CEO of Salesforce)

Right now all over the world, C-Suites are having the same conversations regardless of industry: AI! TECHNOLOGY! AI! I mean, it’s everywhere! The other day, while going through customs to enter back into the United States, I didn’t even need to present my passport to the TSA agent. I walked right up to the desk, and within two seconds, she said, “All good to go, Miss August. Next!” Technology is now at a point where our identity can be confidently registered by simple facial recognition. What an incredible time to be working in technology!

However, while CEOs worldwide have AI listed as their #1 priority, 52% of consumers still don’t believe AI is safe or secure. This is the Trust Gap, and this is a problem that Salesforce recognizes, empathizes with, and wants all of its users to know that your TRUST is listed as their number one priority. In fact, TRUST has been their top priority from the get-go. Even so, with technology and AI advancing rapidly, and consumer concerns remaining constant, it’s time for a formal introduction to the Einstein Trust Layer.

Here is the foundation of Salesforce’s Tenets of Trusted, Ethical, and Human AI:

  • Your data is not our product
  • You control access to your data
  • We prioritize accurate, verifiable results
  • Our product policies protect human rights
  • We advance responsible AI globally
  • Transparency builds trust

YOU decide what data Salesforce has access to. Unlike other programs (*cough cough* ChatGPT *cough cough*), Salesforce utilizes dynamic grounding, does not store your credit card information, and utilizes a secure LLM gateway. The whole system is “totally code protected” (Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce). Salesforce simply provides the tools and programs for you to harness and make sense of your data on your own terms. Moreover, Audit Trail is used for all AI applications to check for hallucinations and toxicity to ensure data cleanliness, reliability, and TRUST is always number one.

In short, TRUST is 100% built-in and integrated into Salesforce’s metadata framework. So what do you think? Are you ready to let Salesforce and AI take your business to the next level? Let’s chat! We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might still have about data and AI.

Written by

Katy August





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